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Liver Cirrhosis Bible




November 2010


Debra Elkin

Product Details

Published by Gentle Wellness Publishing House, a publishing company that has been online since 2008, the e-book is 160 pages and is readily available for download. It offers five steps to liver health and recovery from cirrhosis. It claims to be the first cookbook for liver cirrhosis sufferers. Heavily inspired by Mr. Jack Ezra’s Protocol, a holistic method for eating and living known as the Ezra Protocol, the book outlines these five steps and offers recipes that follow them. Having spoken to Ezra, Elkin was inspired to start her own journey towards a healthier, cleaner liver. She wrote about this journey in The Fatty Liver Bible & the Ezra Protocol.

The Ezra Protocol helps in reversing obesity and liver cirrhosis. It is based on the experience of Jacob Ezra and the work of Dr. Alfred Pischinger, who was the head of the University of Medicine in Graz from 1936 to 1945. The 5-step protocol has been researched for over 27 years and been tested by curious individuals with positive results. It relies on home medicine, as opposed to prescribed medication, to help cure cirrhosis of the liver.


If left uncured, cirrhosis of the liver can often lead to liver cancer. For only 47 dollars, this book allegedly helps to stop liver cirrhosis within weeks without the use of medication. The author claims that the steps will lead to 100% success rate or the reader will get his or her money back within 60 days. When ordering this e-book, the author offers access to other bonuses such as Guilt Free Desserts for People With Liver Cirrhosis and The Self Improvement Tool Kit. She also offers consultations free for post cirrhosis recovery for twelve weeks.  

The Liver Cirrhosis Bible &The Ezra Protocol is an e-book written by health consultant, Debra Elkin. It offers guidance to restore health, particularly in regards to one’s liver.


The author dedicates a website to her cause. The website features a series of success stories along with the author’s story of discovering the Ezra Protocol and her own success. It also includes statistics regarding the commonality and high frequency of liver cirrhosis. The website has been online since 2010.


Debra Elkin is a health consultant who lead an unhealthy lifestyle until two years prior to writing her e-book. She is the grandmother of three children. The author does not use her real name; Debra Elkin and Jamie Ward are both pseudonyms used by her.

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