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Fatty Liver Diet Guide Review

Fatty Liver Diet Guide Book Cover


Fatty Liver Diet Guide




July 2010


Dorothy Spencer


Dorothy Spencer is a registered nurse, and specializes in hepatology, or studies of the liver. A search about her yielded numerous PR websites that had press releases endorsing the fatty liver diet guide. According to the official site, she graduated with a degree in nursing and worked for years in the intensive care unit. Her main address is in Jamaica Hills, NY.


The Fatty Liver Diet Guide contains a diet workbook which provides a schedule and diet guide for users to follow. It provides pointers on what herbal remedies work and what don't, as well as details on how to do a liver flush with just a common ingredient. The guidebook also has tips on how you can deal with liver disease and avoid complications. It also gives you tips on how you can make your lifestyle change a holistic experience, by getting to the causes of fatty liver; involving your family and friends; and implementing long term changes for long term impacts.

You can get the guide for a discounted price of $47, down from $99. The price is for full access to the downloadable guide. If you order the guide, you will also get a book of liver diet recipes (an $80 value), a sample diet plan book (priced at $35), and an audio CD containing tracks to better health (a $95 value). You can also buy these products separately at the official site, but they come for free with the guide at $47. The site accepts all major credit cards. The site also has a guarantee: if you are not satisfied after 59 days, then you can get your money back.

Social Media

A search of Facebook yielded 3 different pages, one of which had 12 likes, another 2 likes (), and another, the official blog page, has 3 likes. On Twitter, fitness accounts tweeted about the guide and offered it on sale for $28. There were also posts about the guide on G+ and Pinterest. Several PR sites also released press releases regarding the Fatty Liver Diet Guide.

The Fatty Liver Diet Guide is a regimen that promises to reverse fatty liver and restore full liver function. In order to reverse this process, the Fatty Liver Diet Guide begins by telling you what food to avoid, guiding you on changes that you should make to your lifestyle, giving you instructions on what food you should eat, and helping you keep your new lifestyle consistent.

According to the guide's website, it solves the problem from its source and acts on the main causes of fatty liver. It also takes a holistic healing approach to healing and reversing fatty liver. The guide being sold on the site promises to provide tools to manage fatty liver so that it does not become a terminal disease.


The Fatty Liver Diet Guide has been registered at Name Cheap since July 2010, which is presumably the time that the website was created. The domain name is registered under someone in the Philippines, who is acting both as domain owner and registrant. The domain name ownership expires in July 2013. There is no information available on who designed and organized the website, although there is contact information linking back to Dorothy Spencer, who is responsible for the guide itself. Continued below....

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